Lampix is creating a new decentralized database of images for AR/AI using Blockchain technology.

It’s not uncommon in the business and tech world to meet a roadblock, only to discover that many others have already come to the same place. Standing together in front of the difficulty, sometimes a single player creates a solution that benefits everyone. This is the story of Lampix.

Founded by George Popescu, founder of Boston Technologies, Lampix started life as a platform to create and build augmented reality (AR) systems that can transform any surface into a smart surface.

Imagine turning to any surface in a room, and immediately transforming that surface into a computer via AR – ala Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

As the Lampix team continued to develop their platform, they discovered that there were many around them who were having the same issues – access to machine learning for AR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be nearly insurmountable without significant resources.

As they saw the needs around them growing, the Lampix team decided to put Blockchain technology to work, not only for themselves, but for everyone with the same issues.

The team realized that Blockchain technology was uniquely helpful in creating the first ‘image mining’ network for computer vision systems, like Lampix’s original product. They decided the next step was the creation of a billion-image database of real world objects that are critical for AR systems.

As they began to consider disrupting traditional models of image production and distribution through Blockchain technology, the company realized that the best way to create a database large enough to serve the needs of the AR/AI world was by decentralizing participation.

Large companies with such databases (Google and others) had autonomous control of the images and could forbid use to competitors, centralize profits from the database, and control use arbitrarily.

Decentralization, however, would produce a large-scale database without such centralized control mechanisms in place. The needs could be met.