Synereo, as an “attention economy” company, enables content creators to monetize original works as well as reward followers for publicizing their favorite projects. WildSpark is a Google Chrome extension that allows cryptocurrency to be sent to content creators, thereby helping them expand their social reach. The AMP, a crypto-token designed and issued in early 2015, is actively being used to reward the creators of the content.

The Tel Aviv-based group designed WildSpark to empower content creators and curators to make money from their online creative endeavors. Unlike other blockchain content platform, Steemit, WildSpark is platform agnostic. While Brave functions as its own browser, with monetization made possible by the Brave Attention Token (BAT), WildSpark works as a plugin, with the flow of value done with AMP.

User guide

In using the system for the first time, I noticed the slick and subtle design. Never intrusive, the platform simply allows you to tip (or AMPLIFY, in the parlance of the blockchain project) after signing up and linking an account to Facebook.

The graphics are sleek, resembling MailChimp to me. (Maybe its the monkey)

Once an account is verified, one then receives 3 AMPs. This is done via your Facebook account, as seen in the photo below.
Once I received my AMP, I was ready to send a tip to the curator of the video “What Plants Talk About?”

You can see my 3 AMPs are now 2.70. The curator of the video, What Plants Talk About, has received .30 AMPS. WildSpark’s user backend to keep track of such transactions leaves a bit to desired at present, but according to a recent AMA the project is well on its way to offering this service.
Synereo allows internet audiences a frictionless value transfer between audiences and creators. The focus is on product-solutions for the so-called “attention economy”, which sees human attention as a scarce economy and applies economic theory to information management problems.
The company claims to have more than 1,000 users, with 10,000 subscribed to soon receive access. “We are doing the very responsible thing of gradually onboarding these users onto our product in order to ensure basically that we do not compromise the system in anyway,” said Synereo CMO Anderson McCutcheon in the AMA. “And, as our early backers can testify, we have had no outages or significant issues with neither product viability or security.”


As a platform-agnostic monetization tool, Synereo CEO Dor Konforty believes WildSpark can shift the balance of power on the internet and make it fairer for content creators. The platform is not its own content creation platform, nor is it designed for any one internet website. Rather, it’s designed at the browser level to be applicable to any and all popular content creation websites at any given time.

“[WildSpark] allows you to partner with the  creator to both support his ability to read and monetize content, while enjoying your success in terms of AMPs, and be someone who is a curator and someone who knows how to identify and match content with the right audience,” he said in the AMA.
He describes the platform as a game in an interview with CNBC. In this game, he outlines, value flows to the creator and curator.
WildSpark, which has been in Beta since July, currently has 1400 active users participating in its closed Beta program. Over 2000 instances of Amplification, where users have awarded content creators and curators for their work, have an average Amplification of 1.16 AMPs. (The largest was 6.6 AMPs) 1,013 unique videos have been Amplified.

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